-Rim: an 11” 10 ply walnut rim of laminated construction.

-Tonering: Rickard Silver Bell style in raw brass.

-Tension system: an 18 notch raw brass tension hoop with brass ball shoes secured by brass bolts. Brass hooks and old style nuts tension the Remo Renaissance head.

-Neck: a solid billet of Canadian walnut equipped with a two-way truss rod. Strings are anchored at the top end of the neck and spaced using a bone string guide. The scale length is 26 3/16” incorporating a zero fret and 15 frets ending at a frailing scoop. A 19th fret position marker is inlayed in the scoop to indicated the “cluck” fret. Position markers are maple dots. Fretboard is Jatoba.

-Tuners: black Steinberger gearless 40:1 tuners mounted in a block attached to the heel side of the rim. All the tuners (4 or 5) are located here eliminating the 5th string tuner (if equipped) on the neck.

-Dimensions: Overall length fully assembled is 33 3/4” (85.7 cm). Disassembled footprint is 20 3/4” X 12” X 5” (52.7 cm X 30.5 cm X 12.7 cm). -Weight - 6.4 lb. (3 kg) with resonator. Weight may vary slightly depending on materials.

-Resonator (Optional): 1/4” (6 mm) flat back panel with book matched veneer outer covering. The amount of open space between the resonator and rim is adjustable. -None of the products used are materials that are controlled at most border crossings.


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