A modern incarnation of an age-old design from the mind of August Pollman.

Here at MidnightSpecial Instruments we like to think that the concept of the Banjo-lute (a modern name for the mandoline banjo) was the product of much dedicated pondering by Mr. Pollman, and that it began with a whim to create an instrument that plays like a banjo, but weighs in like a small collection of feathers. And to this day, banjos have been complimented and feathers have been put to shame by its warm, bright tone and its astonishing 3 and a half pounds of mass. And that's not all:


-Comes with built-in Schatten HFN Artist design pickup - no wiring required on your part

-It weighs the same as a duck, therefore it's made of wood: the banjo-lute pictured here is made of walnut with a Sitka spruce top

-26 3/16 inch scale length

-35" long, 11" wide, 2 1/8" thick, similar to an open-backed banjo- an instrument fit for a hobbit

-Great for just about any purpose- quiet enough for practicing without someone slamming doors, yet with the pickup it's potentially loud enough to be heard at any musical occasion

-As usual, the instrument can be built around your personal preferences


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