Scale length: 23"

Width an nut: 1 3/16"

Width at heel: 1 13/16"

Overall length: 33 1/2"

Rim: 1/2" thick wall hard maple block construction, 10 1/8" diameter

Neck: Laminated hard maple with black strip, tunneled 5th string is an option

Tone ring: Dobson style

Tension system: Ball shoe and hook with grooved tension hoop

Weight: 2.2 kg

Tuning: From Strings 1 to 5 - E, C#, A, E, A

This configuration makes it easy to accompany a fiddler because it starts in an open A tuning, and can be capoed up two frets to play in D when playing out a C formation. It can also be capoed up 5 and played open for songs in D as well. The keys A and D are very popular fiddle song keys.


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